Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Resolution Follow Up

Here it is. The final hours of 2015.

What a crazy freaking year.

So here's my highlight reel.
  • Went to India
  • Started a home business
  • Finished a 5k
  • Took a writing class
  • Reduced my caffeine intake and increased my water intake (most days)
  • Found a partner in weird crimes who is absolutely adorable and increases my happiness beyond belief. (Take THAT, Loser Guys From 2014.)
I did not accomplish the following:
  • Money goals
  • Finish a manuscript
  • Wallow in self pity the whole year (just half of it)
  • Take amazing photos of random stuff
  • Planking. Seriously scary stuff.
I am, mostly, ok with all the things on both lists.

Reading accomplishments were minimal this year.

I read quite a few doorstoppers this year. I actually read a lot more than I expected to, coming in at 19 books.

I worked on reading more of the Bible, but still falling short of a daily/weekly routine. I am growing spiritually from reading, which is more the point.

I did not make any efforts to control my book intake until later in the year. Like... September, when my paperbackswap credits dropped to an alarming "1". ONE credit. In ten years this has never happened. I went a little wild with books at the beginning of the year, anything and everything. I was funneling brokenness into books again. I have it under control again, but my TBR shelf still bears the scars at a whopping 132 books.

Despite everything, I am counting 2015 as a success, simply because I'm here to see 2016.

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