Friday, January 1, 2016

Go For 2016

Every year I go crazy over board with resolutions and burn out by February. This year, I want sustainable. I want simplicity. This year I want 100% success.

Continue drinking water and caffeine in moderation
Be able to do this yoga flow a year from now

Finish maintenance list on the fridge
Finish painting The Diva's Room
Make Joe's bed
Start painting the living room
Paint the garage (these colors)
Paint the deck

Get back on track with bill paying
Build up emergency fund
Keep AMD Soaps running on its own money

Nails (more about this coming, I promise!)

Books (because... ya know):
Continue reading the Bible
24 books read
TBR shelf down to 100

Decide if I want to or not

These are my goals for 2016! Some of them are do-able, some of them will be a challenge, and a few in particular I will probably fail miserably at. It's what I do.

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Your goals a definitely do-able. I hit the tank hard in 2015 so mine are to simply lighten up and worry less. I'm a classic Virgo and give FAR too much energy to things/people that don't deserve it.

So, let's make this the year of "Sherry!" and totally rock it! Because, we deserve it! Oh...and you can definitely do that yoga flow! (I'll give you pointers if you want).

Happy New Year, Sherry!