A Misty Dimness Soap

All Soaps are handmade by me in my home.

I use both cold process and hot process soap methods, which involve the use of sodium hydroxide (NaOH, commonly called lye).

My soaps are Palm-free, using a variety of combinations of oils including Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Lard, Olive Oil (including herbal infused Olive Oil), and Shea Butter (not in Coconut Milk Soaps). Some soaps may contain Avocado Oil, Canola Oil, Cocoa Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, Mango Nut Butter, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, Soybean Oil, or Sunflower Oil. In cases of allergies, please feel free to contact me at amdsoaps@gmail.com for a particular soap ingredient list.

Other ingredients used in soaps include: distilled water, aloe vera juice, coconut milk, coffee, tea, beer, fruit/vegetable purees or juices, clay, ground or whole herbs, ground coffee, oatmeal, pumice, fine salt, ground cinnamon, cocoa (powder and/or melted), skin safe oxides and micas (for color), peanut butter, essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and activated charcoal.

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