Sunday, December 13, 2015

NaNoWriMo Follow Up

It's been two weeks since NaNoWriMo finished up. I wish I could say I successfully did something during the challenge. I didn't break the 5000 word count much less finish.

I tried to get into a daily writing habit, but couldn't manage that.

I struggled through my writing, already re-writing in my head as I went.

Anxiety, fear, as usual, were my enemies. I was my worst enemy.

I haven't yet decided where to go next, or worse, if I even want to.


Sherry said...

Breathe Sherry, breathe. Give yourself some time to think and then get back it. My best friend tells me all the time, "when you feel like quitting, that's when you pull yourself up by the bootstraps and keep going. Never, EVER quit." ((Sending you hugs from ND)).

Lock Smith said...
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