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Saving The World And Other Extreme Sports

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (Maximum Ride, #3)Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports by James Patterson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What I liked: I enjoy this series more and more. The plot seemed to come together more when combining the books as a whole rather than individually. Max and the rest of the flock continue to evolve realistically as characters. The book jumped right into the action from the beginning.

What I didn't like: There were a few hokey moments and a few plot twists that didn't quite add up.

Final Thoughts: This is a great series that hasn't disappointed me yet.

Pub. Date: January 2008

Synopsis: Fourteen-year-old Maximum Ride and the other members of the "flock"--Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel--are just like ordinary kids--only they have wings and can fly. It seems like a dream come true--except that they're being hunted by half-human, half-wolf "Erasers" who can fly, too.
In Book 3 of the series, the flock members are faced with a new enemy--robots called Flyboys who are stronger than Erasers and have retractable wings. The last thing Max wants is to keep running for her life, but she has to, taking the Flock across the country. There, they meet the sinister scientist Ter-Borsht, who speaks of something called "Re-Evolution," and the "By-Half Plan": the most frightening human experiment they can imagine--a kind of ethnic cleansing of the entire planet.
As fear and tension escalate among the flock members--and a romance starts to form between Max and Fang--they split up, with Max taking the girls to Europe, where they are held captive yet again. The only thing that keeps Max going is that, this time, she might finally meet her mother and father--but she still has to save the world. Max Ride's final flight is like a thrilling roller coaster ride with twists you'd never expect and a landing that can't be anything other than... perfect.

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