Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Project 52 Sleep

Resolutions are good. Kicking butt on the water, still reading the Bible, working my way through Anna Karenina, and have logged in several hours writing. I don't have a word count because it's still written by hand and I haven't punched it into Word yet. It feels like a lot though. Possibly the most writing I have done in several years - and it feels oh-so-good.

This week's photos are about sleep. Something I have struggled with for a few decades. So it's ridiculous to try to find some happiness in pictures of sleep, but I tried.

Here are two of my favorite seven year olds settling in for a sleepover.

I was lucky enough to go to an overnight retreat at Bible camp. Good for my soul, not so good for sleeping.

My bed. I don't normally sleep with one of the couch cushions but The Diva brought it into bed so she could sit up and read. Why yes, she is my daughter.

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