Thursday, January 8, 2015

Project 52 Water

I have a bunch of excuses why yesterday's post didn't happen - are you ready?
  1. It was Youth Group night. Which involves feeding my family a very rushed dinner of frozen pizza, getting both kids to the car, picking up my niece, plus any setup I have to do before class. Usually I have 30 minutes to accomplish this.
  2. It was -10000 degrees outside so after shoveling the snow drift in front of the garage, parking the car, dragging the trash can from the curb to the door, and then running back out to the garage (which I should mention is not attached to the house) to get my daughter's school bag... I was exhausted.
  3. Getting pictures posted to FaceBook and Instagram was as easy because I could do it from my phone. Getting stuff on this blog involves getting out the laptop.
  4. I really was exhausted. I haven't been sleeping well with all the emotional stuff going on. I do pretty good the first part of the night - I have finally stopped crying in the shower and myself to sleep (now if I could just manage the other 18 hours of the day... that'd be great) - but there's a blank space in my sleep. I don't know what else to call it. It's just this empty place where I stop dreaming and start thinking/remembering and it wakes me up. It sucks because I don't wake up enough to get up and do something else, but just enough that I'm not sleeping and my mind is thinking about HIM. I hate it.
So there ya go. There's my excuses. And here's my pictures.

This is my lemon and water jug. I haul it to work every day. My co-workers tease me about having lemon with my vodka. I like to think they're just jealous of my dedication to a project.

This is a picture of my leaky shower head. It makes me crazy hearing it drip-drip-drip but my attempts to fix it so far have failed.
Next week's subject is SLEEP. That should be interesting...

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