Thursday, January 1, 2015

Getting on with 2015

I'm trying to be light-hearted as I write this but ... 2014 was a crazy year.

I started the year with the guy who was "the love of my life" and turned out to be a big fat liar.

I was angry.

I painted my dining room.

I vented on FaceBook.

And then I moved on. I met someone else. I was happy - oh so happy - and then Christmas came and it ended (apparently he was not as happy as I was). The relationship, the happiness, the end of it all is an aching spot in my chest. It wakes me up at night. I can't seem to swallow past it. I know it will heal in time. It will go away and just leave a little silvery scar. Right now though... it's pretty fresh.

Even though I'm starting 2015 a little broken, I think it's all going be okay a year from now. Who knows, maybe even next month. Or August. Whatever.

So what are my resolutions for 2015? Breathing. Getting up every morning. Pretending that I care.

I need to be more than that. Standing still, wallowing around in this heartache is not an option. I'm setting a few big goals for the entire year, and then some small goals to help me get back to the land of the living. I don't have set months for most of those challenges, but I'll be organizing and arranging over the next few weeks and will be sharing the challenges, progress, and success (or lack there of) with you.

Big Goals:
  • Half of my emergency fund built up. It's taken a hit over the last few years and really needs to be perked up. The other half will be a 2016 goal.
  • Full car fund. This may be a necessity in 2015. My current car is 10 years old and I average about 500 miles a week commuting to work. I refuse to make replacing a car become a panic driven emergency. I also refuse to go into debt because of it.
  • Christmas Fund. I say this to myself every year, and this time I mean it!

  • Finish a manuscript. I think I have three or four ideas half started. I want this to happen - even if it's not a best seller the next great American classic and I self-publish it myself.
  • Take two writing classes. I'm fortunate to be near a college that offers online writing classes.
Happy People Do This
I found a list of 12 things that happy people do. I'm going to focus on one each month, hopefully some become a habit. Fake it till you make it, right?

Project 52
A photo a week. That's it.

Small Challenges
Brought to you via Pinterest. I have collected a few little things that don't fall into the scope of "I have all year to do this" and more into the scope of "taking things one day at a time". Fun things. Fun things, healthy things, that will hopefully help me look at what I have in my life rather than the person who chose to leave it.
  • Drink water. I'm making this a 90 day challenge. You have to scroll a bit through the link to get to the part where she talks about drinking water, but it's like she's in my head. I have tried to drink more water - and when I do my skin clears up, I feel better, I sleep better and "other things" are better. I've never managed this for more than a month, so 90 days is a pretty big deal in my "coffee, beer, or tea" world.
  • Be Happy. This kind of goes with Happy People Do This, but it's focusing over a quick span of time. A lot of my friends do something similar during November. I'm gonna be weird and do it Not In November.
  • Planking. It's my least favorite yoga position. It would also be incredibly good for me to improve my core strength; I'd have less issues with my back and hip if those muscles were built up. I WILL love planking!
  • A Month in Photos with my kids. Should be easy. And interesting.
So there ya go! That's my game plan for 2015! Time is going to pass regardless, so I may as well make an effort to enjoy it! Are ya ready? (It's ok. Me neither.)


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