Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year in Review

Reading was a hard thing this year. The more I forced myself, the less I wanted to do it. Finally I relaxed and just let it be. And it turned out fine.

Book Goal: 27 books
Accomplished: 24 books

I also had a goal to read the Bible in a year... yeah. I made it to the end of March - which is good! I also found a great podcast at and I listen to that almost every day. I'm going to go back to trying to read the Bible every day for 2015. Trying is everything.

My TBR shelf goal was 80 books. I think my number is a little off, but it is currently 85 ±3. This is not bad at all.

What's up for 2015? I have a few things I'm hoping to accomplish and I'll share them with you later. They're fun and kind of meaningless-but-not. I need some fun right now.

On the book side of things, I'm setting the book goal low. I have quite a few door stoppers on my shelves - Diana Gabaldon's latest, Anna Karenina, and a couple others that I look at and *gulp* lose my breath over.

Book Goal: 15 books read
Finish reading the Bible
TBR Shelves: not to exceed 75 books

Now for my favorites from 2014!

Millie's Fling
The Book Thief
The Exile
Poison Princess

Happy New Year!

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