Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Off The Wagon

I had week one and week two... and then week three, well, I was caught up in the crazy.

Water was a struggle. I'm lying. I made a half hearted effort and managed to chug down 16 oz through the day. However, I did stick to my 2 cups of coffee rule!

Bible reading... I thought about it?

Writing... I also thought about it?

Project 52... "Happy" just isn't a subject I want to deal with.

However, life must go on. In the past I would have been caught up in playing the "Catch Up Game", but that is not going to happen in 2015. What is going to happen in 2015 is just accepting where I am at. It will get better, or it will just be, but I won't ever know if I stop trying.

I'm back to using the big jug of water, I cut up half a lemon to put in it. I had been using a whole lemon, but I developed a ginormous cold sore on my lip. I'm not sure if it was from the additional acidity in my diet or just from stress, so on the side of caution I am going to scale back on the amount of lemon that I use.

Bible reading is at the fore front. I went to a workshop over the weekend and one of the topics was "Soul Care" and I have realized that between youth group and teaching Sunday School, my own spiritual well is not a well at all, but a canal. What goes in goes directly out, and sometimes it's in a drought. So I am going to actively seek out more ministry - I started Women's Bible Study last week and I'm going to ask for ministering from my pastor.

I'm going to stick with 15 minute time slots for writing. When I tried to increase to 20 minutes I stalled out, so I think 15 minutes is good. I know it's only about 100 words, but at the end of the week that's about 500 words I didn't have before.

Project 52, I am going to accept that there are some subjects that I may not be inspired by. It's okay, they'll still be there when the inspiration arrives. This week's subject is BUBBLES. Hmmm... I wonder where this will take me?

Also on my goal list for this week... finishing Anna Karenina. It's happening.

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Sheila Dailie said...

This information helped me keep starting over: a jet is off course about 80% of the time. Auto pilot just keeps adjusting!

I'm cheering you on!