Sunday, December 1, 2013

October and November

I'm not quite sticking to the plan... but it's an improvement! Unless by some miracle I no longer require sleep, I won't even get close to the 50 book goal this year. I'm kind of sad. I mean emotionally sad. Not pathetic sad. So I've bumped the number from 23 to 28 books read, and only one month left in the year.

So what is taking up my time? Let's see...
              still rocking the single parent gig
              Youth group leader
              Trying really hard to pretend I'm not in pain every day
              Church secretary
              Stripping the dining room wallpaper
              Not cleaning my house (mostly it's just cleaning the same three rooms and telling people to close their eyes when they go through the other rooms)
              Attempting to get a Pangea Organics business off the ground
              Trying to keep my sanity

We won't even discuss my obsession with Farm Heroes Saga right now.


Back to talking about books... On the plus side of all this, I am managing to hold the TBR list under 100. I feel there will be a purging before year end. Hopefully I will finish Inkheart before year end...

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jmisgro said...

Don't be bummed about the number of books read....just enjoy each one!