Friday, June 1, 2012

Mid-Year Review

Yay! It's summer! We have a busy summer planned around here - baseball, swimming lessons, VBS, camp, plus the usual assortment of weddings and birthdays... I just hope I have enough time to sleep!

Over the course of the year I have revamped the 2012 book challenge a bit. The month to month time frame wasn't working for me (too much pressure? I dunno.) So here's the genres, the number I've read and the goal to read:

Old Books 3 of 10 (30% complete)
Favorite Books 1 of 6 (17% complete)
Self-Help Books 2 of 8 (25% complete)
Trashy Romance Novels 1 of 12 (8% complete)
Oddo 5 of 8 (63% complete)
Writing 0 of 3 (0% complete)

There are a few books that I read for Book Club that don't count in these numbers. Also a few books that I simply haven't posted the reviews for. But still... Oddo (Nook Books) are kicking butt.

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