Friday, March 30, 2012

March Review

I should be packing my suitcase right now for vacation, but I'm thinking about books instead. I've been thinking about books a lot lately. They seem to have taken over my house - The Spawn has been obsessing over books. He managed to pick up all three of The Hunger Games series and The Grimm Legacy for his birthday. All of which I want to read. I woke up the other morning thinking about books... I guess there are worse things in life.

As I mentioned, I'm supposed to be packing for vacation. The Boyfriend and I leave Monday morning for a week in Las Vegas. No work. No kids. No work. No housework. No work.... Seriously, I'm at the point where The Boyfriend could take me to the South Pole for a week and it would be fine with me. I I'm expecting that I'll have a bit of down time in Vegas during the mornings. By habit I've become an early riser and The Boyfriend, well, he's not. And I'm going to enjoy having those mornings to myself. I fully plan on using that time to sit by the pool and read.

With that thought in mind, I'm switching up the Book Challenge genre a little bit. April is supposed to be Trashy Romance (or as a friend calls them: Bodice Rippers), but due to traveling I'm going to switch it with May which is Oddo (my Nook). This makes it alot easier to pack.

So, onto the books. March turned out well despite the slow start. I read three of four. April, I haven't quite selected the books I'm going to read although I have started Pride and Prejudice - and seriously, why have I never read this book before? It's funny! The other books will be randomly selected from my Nook library. We'll both be surprised.

The one book that won't be on the Nook will be the Book Club read. It was my turn to pick and I chose The Thirteenth Tale. It's a re-read for me (about 300 books ago) so I'm excited to see if I enjoy it as much as I remember.

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