Thursday, March 29, 2012

Behavior Mismatch

Behavior Mismatch: How To Manage Behavior Mismatch: How To Manage "Problem" Employees Whose Actions Don't Match Your Expectations by Rebecca B. Mann
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had originally picked up this book to help me when I was managing a difficult employee... and never got around to reading the book. I'm no longer managing employees, but I thought it might give me some insight into dealing with difficult co-workers. The information in this book is a bit dated (written for the 90's), but I still found much of it to be relevant.

This book covers a nice range of topics, everything from personality types, managerial styles and dealing with personal issues. I really felt that this book covers both angles - the manager perspective and the employee perspective - very nicely. I also really liked how the book addresses bad managers as well as problem employees.

I did some skimming during the last two chapters as I felt I didn't need to read in-depth about counseling and terminating employees. It was still good information to have available and some of it I did find interesting.

My one disappointment with the book was that it ended abruptly. I would have liked a recap chapter with a summary of all the chapters. It was a lot of information to remember and I think a summary would have brought it all together for the reader.

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