Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back in the Game

I'm sure you've noticed that I've been posting actual book reviews lately. You know, instead of endless whining about not being able to read. Yay me! I'm not quite holding up to my resolution to read for half an hour a day. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's not at all. It has helped me carve out time to read though. Now if I could just do the same for everything else (like house cleaning, German lessons and house cleaning)...

No one pays attention to my lists the way that I do, I get a little obsessive about my lists, so it's okay if you didn't notice that my TBR list hasn't moved in the last month. This is because I've been utilizing the eBook loan program at the library. Have I mentioned how much I adore my Nook? I love it. It fits in my purse. It's cute and easy to use. sigh. I love that thing. Ahem, so ... All this eBook reading is great, but it isn't helping my physical TBR shelf or the eBooks that I purchased when I first got my Nook. So, I'm finishing up the two books that I have on loan and then I'm going to work on the four books sitting on my nightstand.

Other news on the home front: The house is still awesome. I've been working on repainting the kitchen. I would have finished but I came down with a nasty cold. The Diva turned four last weekend. We had a lot of fun with food for her party. (Stop on over to my cooking blog Cooking With Sherry to check out what we were doing. The posts should be popping up over the next few days.) I've been working out the schedules - my PTO/paid holidays, daycare paid/unpaid days, and where The Spawn needs to be - to use up my PTO and unpaid daycare by the end of the year. So far it's looking like I'll have a few extra days around Thanksgiving and Dec. 22nd to Jan. 3rd off. This opens up a lot of time for projects! And boy, do I have projects...

Hope everyone is having a great time out there!

ETA: Oh! And we have two new additions in our house :) We have kittens (Snickers and Kitten) now. It's been a fun adventure for the kids as they've never had pets.

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