Friday, August 12, 2011

Tired of Complaining?

Anyone tired of hearing me complain about not being able to read? Anyone?

And has anyone looked at this list recently?

It's ridiculous how much this situation stresses me out.

Here's what is on the reading plate:
Oh The Glory of it All: This is a good read, I recommend it for anyone who likes memoirs, but it was slow reading in the beginning. I'm finally to the halfway point and I can finally read for more than ten minutes.

Thr3e: This one is up for Book Club. I totally cheated and read the last two chapters of the book. I have a feeling that I'll be doing quite a bit of skimming on this one.

[insert random fluff novel here]: Looking forward to one or two Flipsides after reading the above mentioned books.

Committed: The Captain sent me her copy (that she got from The Queen) with the comment that I would enjoy this more than I enjoyed EPL. As EPL was also a read in Book Club, I may suggest this one for the next read (and thereby killing two birds with one stone,

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