Friday, June 17, 2011

Neglecting The Bookshelves Self-Challenge Week Eight

I have zero progress to report. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. It was a rough week at work. There was a lot of running around after work, home insurance to be arranged, boxes to pack, appliances to be purchased and moved... and teaching The Diva how to do somersaults. I'm running through a bout of insomnia, which is frustrating, as well as just plain old feeling like crap.When I did have down time this week, I chose to zone out with the TV rather than fall into a good book. Although my selections seem to be rather questionable.

Embassytown is a little confusing. There is no setup for the alternate world, lifestyles or characters. The story is thrown at you and you have to work things out on your own. It's well-written, which means I'll continue on with the book, but it's also a thinker so I can only focus on it when my brain is fully functioning. Hasn't happened much this week.

The Ginger Tree is a book club read. I need to really tackle this one over the weekend for book club next week. I'm roughly 50 pages in and bored out of my mind. I'm really hoping that this book picks up the pace - soon.

Speak is an entertaining read. It's dark, but not too dark, more like a shadowy gray. It has some really great one-liners, but it's not laugh out loud funny.

I also have two books checked out from the library that are due SOON. I need to finish up these five books and then I'm putting the challenge on hold while I move, finish up loose ends at the apartment and get settled into the new house. I didn't plan for my summer to be this busy, but books are forever, right? They'll be waiting for me when I'm ready.

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