Friday, March 4, 2011

Famous Coffee House Recipes

Famous Coffee House Recipes ... Coffee and of course the Desserts Volume IIFamous Coffee House Recipes ... Coffee and of course the Desserts Volume II by Chefs Secret Vault

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At first I was a little disappointed when I discovered that "Famous" refers to a brand, not an adjective. (Eh, what do you expect from a free ebook?) It took me a few read-throughs - reading cookbooks on a Nook is not easy, the recipes run consecutively and are often cut through by "pages". It's very distracting to have to flip back a page to refer to the ingredients.

Anyways, frustrations with the ebook format aside, the coffee recipes were pretty basic - mocha, latte, iced coffees and such. There were only two recipes I pulled out to make in the future: Famous Spiced Holiday Coffee and Harvest Coffee Cider.

The dessert recipes varied from scones and cheesecakes to puddings and custards. They all seem simple with common enough ingredients, but, well, we know my tolerance for baking hovers around zero, so I kept an easy mocha brownie recipe and left the rest of the recipes for the big girls (or guys).

Synopsis: Everyone has their "favorite" coffee beverage from their "favorite" coffee house. And the desserts they offer are decadent. Now you can enjoy those same treats in the comfort of your home or office. Wow your family and guests with some of their favorite recipes. Enjoy!!

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Phil said...

I have no idea how you have the time to read all the books you do!