Thursday, July 8, 2010

One of THOSE Books

I'm trying to work my way through Eat Pray Love but it isn't easy. It's one of THOSE books. A book that resonates so closely with my own life, that I find myself nodding my head thinking "been there done that" at every page.

The author was very close to the age I was at when my 'mid-life crisis' struck me. I didn't runaway to travel the world the way that she did, but I have had to find my way through what my choices had made my life had made me. We both struggled through depression to find what brings us pleasure in life, slogged through the demands of the modern world to find a spiritual connection - to see the bigger picture of the world we live in, and finally to find love in ourself. For ourself just as we are and for those we touch in life.

And that's were the similarities end. The author leads a charmed life: already an accomplished world traveler, seemingly set financially, able to make friends and surrounded by an abundance of them... I dread finishing this book. I just know the author's ending is going to be so much better than mine. (Considering that I'm nursing the Mother of All Broken Hearts, a horror novel would end better than my life.)

But I can't stop reading. This book is just so well written. It's funny and smart and moving. I dread picking it up, but struggle to put it down when I do. I'm torn between thankfulness that vacation with The Spawn and The Diva has kept me too busy to read, and being upset by the interrupted reading time.

I'm having a serious love/hate relationship with this book.

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Lindsey said...

I actually just finished reading this for my book club. It's one of those that I passed on the shelves many times over but never picked up until it was assigned this month.

I LOVED part's quirky and funny and written like you're talking to a girlfriend. Part 2 caused me to struggle...the lengthy stories about meditation and spirituality aren't my cup of tea but I persevered and made it to the final part...which was also pretty funny and worth sticking with the book.