Friday, May 22, 2015

Candy Bouquets

So here's the deal: I went to India for 10 days. While I was gone I missed two birthday parties, Mother's Day, three high school graduations, and a baby shower. It's probably better that I wasn't here because I don't know how I would have been in all those places at once.

I needed something quick, cute, and original for gifts. Well, my candy bouquets wound up being semi-original. I combined two ideas I saw on Pinterest and made it work for me. These go together pretty quick, are ridiculously addictive to make, and I think they're super cute!

One foam block, and two sizes of craft sticks.

Glue large candy bars and box candies to each side of the block.

Use a green marker to color the craft sticks. (Best.Assistant.Ever.)

Use stencils to trace flower and leaf shapes onto cardstock.

I used the flower and heart shapes on this stencil.

After cutting out leaves, don't forget to add veins!

Glue the leaves to the sticks in varying directions.

Glue candies on to flower cardstock.
Glue craft sticks onto flowers at varying heights.

Insert longest flower into the back of the block.

Insert the medium length next.

And finally the shortest flower in front.

Here's what you need to make your own!
Serrated knife (for trimming the foam block)
Low temp glue gun and lots of sticks
Green marker

Rectangle foam block 2.4 x 2.9 x 7.8 inches
2 Large craft sticks
1 Small craft stick
colored card stock (I used green and cream colored)
2 box candies
2 large chocolate bars
21 candy pieces

Foam block:
Using a serrated knife, I trimmed my foam block to be slightly shorter than my shortest base candy. In my case it was the chocolate bars. Then I glued the chocolate bars on to the longer side of the rectangle. I had glued one accidentally on the short side and discovered that the candy boxes won't fit against the base when done that way. After both bars were glued on, I glued on the candy boxes. I found it was easiest to apply the glue to the block, set the block up to standing, and align the bar or box before actually pressing it into the glue. Once it's in the glue, there's only a second of wiggle room.

Use a green marker to color the craft sticks. You could paint them, but the marker was just as quick and didn't require drying time. Use a stencil to trace and cut out the flower and leaf shapes. I used Fiskars ShapeXpress templates with a flower shape and a curvy heart shape that worked perfect for leaves. You could use just a circle for the flower and hand cut a leaf - I had neither the patience or scissors skills to freehand it! Glue the candy pieces onto the flower, glue the flower and leaves to the craft stick. I did mine at varying heights in the bouquet.
Stick the assembled flowers into the foam block - I angled them slightly so that they had more of a "natural" look to them. If you wanted to you could take some irish moss and use to cover the top surface of the foam block and give it more of a finished look. I didn't due to lack of time and material.

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