Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tales from my Hard Drive

Tales from My Hard DriveTales from My Hard Drive by Megan Karasch
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I thought I could make it through this book - it's only 180 pages. Fail. It's not my fault, really. This was bad... Just... BAD. The writing was stiff. The dialogue was forced. The comedy was forced. I made it through the first two chapters (so, yeah, to page 9) and then started skimming in hopes that the author would pull the novel into some kind of rhythm, or just something that I could read. This fell far short of the wonderful accolades I had read. I wouldn't waste my time with this one. Want a fun chick lit: check out Jill Mansell.

Summary: Tales from My Hard Drive is a romantic comedy that follows Melissa, a forty-year-old writer who moves from the suburbs of Los Angeles to New York City after finding her husband doing naked yoga-type maneuvers with another woman. Trying to find her place in a city run by the young and hip, she takes the best job offered her: that of a paid cyber-dater for The New York Beacon, anonymously dating and callously reviewing the myriad Mr. Wrongs who inhabit the Big Apple. Still brooding over her painful divorce, Melissa makes an art of exploiting her dates with New York’s not-so-finest for her increasingly popular Beacon articles. And then she meets the last man she wanted: the extraordinary and charismatic Ted, who just might be everything she’s looking for in a companion. But can Melissa’s recently broken heart accept him? She starts dating Ted, hiding from him her undercover dating gig, leading to a covert double life—dating in the 2D world for money and in the 3D world for love. Both lives get knocked senseless, however, when she unexpectedly falls for an online date who appears to be Mr. Right. Juggling two men and a secret job that requires her to date even more, Melissa finds herself in a poignant and comedic whirlwind that even she may not be able to write her way out of.   

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