Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wish Her Safe At Home

Wish Her Safe at HomeWish Her Safe at Home by Stephen Benatar
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book left me confused, questioning reality, and just a little bit shaken. This story is how a woman slowly loses her sanity (or maybe she never had it) told in first person. Rather interesting at how quickly the mind twisted actual events. It was sometimes hard to determine what the real situation was and what was delusional... and then at the very end it all came unraveled. There was a very formal feel to the writing at times. I'm not sure if that was intended to portray the first person character as being out of time and place (and there fore out of reality). I wouldn't call the book laugh out loud humor, but I did enjoy some of the satire and the ironic timing of the plot. Definitely an interesting read.

Synopsis: Rachel Waring is deliriously happy. Out of nowhere, a great-aunt leaves her a Georgian mansion in another city—and she sheds her old life without delay. Gone is her dull administrative job, her mousy wardrobe, her downer of a roommate. She will live as a woman of leisure, devoted to beauty, creativity, expression, and love. Once installed in her new quarters, Rachel plants a garden, takes up writing, and impresses everyone she meets with her extraordinary optimism. But as Rachel sings and jokes the days away, her new neighbors begin to wonder if she might be taking her transformation just a bit too far.

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