Saturday, May 25, 2013

March April and May Update

I'm only slightly behind on book reviews and updating the blog in general. Life has been a mad crazy rush the last few months. This summer I promised myself and the CofC that we would take things a little easier. Hopefully that also includes more time to read!

I briefly debated abandoning the blog all together - simply because well, time. As in I didn't have time to write a review, and when I did... it took FOREVER because of my outdated laptop. Well, both problems have come to pass, so here I am, on a rainy Saturday morning, catching up the blog.

I know you're excited.

I am.

So... a brief recap: I'm staying on track for my books read goal. Keeping the TBR list down has been a challenge. And by challenge I mean that I haven't really tried. I have been trying to mix-up my reading list between old books, new books and ebooks. I've been on a bit of a short story kick on the ebook side of things. Partly because they are more affordable and partly because one of my favorite authors published a couple shorts.

There might be a book purge coming in the next few weeks, maybe not. I don't feel inclined to get rid of anything right now. I think a lot of focus will simply go into getting ahead of the reading plan so maybe I can fit in a Diana Gabaldon or Harry Potter re-read.

So as I catch up on the book reviews, hang out, drink some coffee... read a book :)

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