Friday, March 1, 2013

January and February Update

I seem to be over the reading slump I was in. In January I finished up a few books I had been reading since... well, before Thanksgiving. Then I decided that reading The Hunger Games Series would be exactly what I needed to get things moving off my TBR shelf. I wasn't wrong! It was also kind of fun to read something that The Spawn had read and spend our daily commute talking about. We even had a mom-son movie night so I could see the movie!

I didn't quite hold up to my end of the deal about not adding to my TBR shelf. Not only did I get a stack of books from my paperbackswap wishlist, but I bought two ebooks and a friend sent me another book. *sigh* at some point I will find my willpower.

Other news and trivia: I survived my 31st birthday. Okay, so my age is really more like two 18 year olds. I say I'm 31 and most people say "I would have said you were younger than that." I'm pretty sure they're talking about my maturity level and I'm wishing they were talking about how well I'm aging.

I've been obsessed with two websites lately:
Crunchy Betty
One Good Thing
I find myself more and more wanting to get away from toxins, food dyes and preservatives, and get more into the natural way of things. And then I remember my love of Cherry Coke and Ramen noodles. And I have blue hair! [best.transition.ever.] They're extensions, but they are blue and super fun. I adore them.

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