Monday, December 10, 2012

The Diva's Butterfly Cupcakes

In case anyone has noticed and is wondering: Yes, The Spawn does have birthdays too, but with the exception of the makeup-for-being-a-bad-mom-chess-cake, he prefers very simple vanilla on vanilla cakes. For which I do have an awesome vanilla cake recipe that I will post for his next birthday, I promise... Now, on to The Diva's birthday cupcakes from like,  two months ago... These adorable butterflies came about from the combination of two Pinterest ideas and a little bit of "what I already have in my cupboards". I apologize in advance for the lack of thorough How To photos... I might have gotten bored halfway through making these...

What you need:
24 baked and frosted cupcakes, your flavor choices
48 tiny twist pretzels
pull and peel twizzlers, pulled apart and cut to 24 pieces (I eyeballed it, but approximately 3" long) flavor/color of choice
24 tootsie rolls flavored or plain and cut in half lengthwise
96 M&M's in color matching sets of 4 (or if you want to do whatever, do whatever.
Melted almond bark. I used white and chocolate separately.
wax paper

Here's what you do:
Spread a long piece of wax paper out on the counter. The assembled butterflies take a bit to set up to be moveable so you'll need space to do a lot of them. I found it better to completely assemble each butterfly before moving on to the next one. Place two pretzels with the wide end together as shown in the photo above.

Fill pretzel space with melted almond bark as shown. You'll want to spoon a good amount across the center to help secure the butterfly antennae and body.

Fold twizzler in half and place fold at the top center of pretzel. This is the antennae. (Did I need to tell you that? I really just like typing "antennae"...) They should spring open on their own. If they don't, then give them a little nudge with your fingertip after you place the body.

[Insert epic fail for lack of pictures, here] Place one cut tootsie roll in the center of the pretzels, cutside down and covering the twizzler bend.

Place one M&M in each section of the wing. I tried to place mine without the "m" showing.

Allow to harden completely (about half an hour depending on the kitchen temp) before placing on top of cupcakes.

These keep well for about two days. After that the tootsie rolls and twizzlers will start to goop up [sorry for the techinical term] due to the moisture in the frosting.

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