Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stress and The City

Stress & the CityStress & the City by Stephanie Rowe
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I didn't finish this book. I'm not sure how to approach writing this review, so this might seem all over the place. First I'm all for writing having a "voice", but when both characters have monologues in their heads that read like Hammy (from The Hedge. If you haven't seen this movie, you must. Go. Now.) I have to wonder how much caffeine the author drank while writing this. Second, this book started well - I had high hopes for it. The heroine has just returned from a solo honeymoon after discovering her groom cheating on her the night before the wedding... and then it just falls apart. Or more accurately, SHE falls apart. I'm with it. What I'm not with was the obsession/stalking the heroine took up with the main guy in the story. In real life, this would have been a restraining order. Third, I was halfway through the book and the two main characters hadn't spent more than a few minutes with each other - but yet they were mooning about each other in their heads. Neh. Where's the love story? It wasn't there for me.

Synopsis: Cassie Halloway is definitely not losing it! So she sucked face with a perfect stranger to prove she was over her ex-fiancĂ©. So the new guy nearly made her swoon and forget anyone else was around. And so he turned out to be Ty Parker, her latest client. And, okay, so maybe he’s just a little engaged to another woman…Whatever! As a brilliant stress-management consultant, Cassie has everything perfectly under control. And soon she’ll be able to face a stress-free Ty with equal calm.

After all, there’s no problem a little chocolate therapy can’t cure…is there?

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