Sunday, November 20, 2011

When Size Matters

When Size Matters (Flipside)When Size Matters by Carly Laine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not quite sure where to start with this book... I wasn't so sure about it being written in first person, but turned out to work in the book's favor. I really liked the main character. She made sense to me, I saw a lot of me in her. This book really had some great characterizations, a lot of detailed backgrounds. We didn't really get to know the hero of the story and the plot was kind of thin. Well, as thin as a short trashy romance can get. Wholly unbelievable, but a fun and funny book. A nice diversion from heavy reading.

Series: Harlequin Flipside #19

Synopsis: Dallas hair, diamonds the size of boulders, double-D cups stacked with silicone - would these be the reasons Dylan Stone feels a jumbo attack of insecurity coming on? Considering that Texas boys equate "cheerleaders" with happily-ever-after, this computer whiz can't quite see how her own, um, all-natural gifts fit in.

Which might explain why she's the last virgin standing and a teensy bit concerned that the "problem" is out of control...

Until she meets Brad, a man as elusive as he is gorgeous. She's sure he's a contender for The One... if only he would stop running at even the slightest whisper of a glimmering rock!

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