Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful For...

... a five day weekend! Much needed and appreciated.

I spent a little time this morning in bed, cuddling with The CofC and kittens, drinking my coffee and reading. Seems like a great start to things!

I have quite a few goals for my days off:

  • finish the two books I've started
  • make 10 dozen cookies for the cookie swap (technically it's 5 dozen cookies and 5 dozen fudge)
  • finish painting the kitchen
  • make a huge dent in my house cleaning
It seems like there's plenty of time to get everything done, but yet I know there isn't enough time once I add in all the other obligations that are piling up:
  • Thanksgiving Eve church service
  • two family get togethers (Thursday and Sunday)
  • wedding reception (Friday evening)
  • sleep
  • QT with The CofC and BB
  • Driving The Spawn back to his dad's
  • menu planning and grocery shopping for the next two weeks (this consumes hours of my time. it's ridiculous.)
Reality. It's kicking my butt.

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