Monday, October 24, 2011

Juice Box Robots

So... I thought I was being completely original. Actually, my intention was to make juice box and a candy grab bag for The Diva's birthday party at daycare... but then I wondered if I could make Tinkerbell juice boxes... and then my experimenting led to me thinking "these look more like robots" so then I talked to my best friend Google... and yeah. Not so original idea. But I did find a lot of ideas to make my not-so-original idea better. My favorite was found at My Insanity - I really liked the combination of chocolate and chewy candies, and the dots for eyes really made them cute. I left mine with their original packaging showing because 1) I'm lazy and b) it reminds me of the Lifesaver trains my mom used to make at Christmas (which reminds me, I should figure out how to do those...) These were a super-quick twenty minute project and the daycare kids loved them!

Here's what I used:
12 mini juice boxes (4oz. size) I bought these in packs of 4 at the dollar store in apple and fruit punch flavors
24 Hershey's milk chocolate nuggets
24 Laffy Taffys
24 Starbursts
24 mini dot labels I found these in the office supply aisle at Wal-Mart.

You'll also need a hot glue gun! I have a low temp one so the kids can help me when I tackle projects like this.

Glue two Starbursts to the bottom of the juice box for feet. I didn't worry too much about matching these, but next time I will take the time to match the feet and the arms. There were a few boxes that I had to play with to get to balance just right so they would still stand (there was one that I actually had to glue a third foot onto) but for the most part they all balanced perfectly after the feet were added.

Glue two Laffy Taffy on each side of juice box for arms. I did take the time to match these on each robot.

Glue two Nuggets with flat sides together. Glue to top of juice box to make the head.

Attach two mini dot labels to head for eyes (remember that the straw is the back of the robot body so you want the eyes to be facing the front).

Voila! I really like the varieties that Kendra came up with - different shapes for heads, Rolos for feet - but I think I'll stay away from the Pez arms. (Not because I don't like Pez, I just like Pez when it comes out of the Pez dispenser :) It's fun!)

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