Monday, March 29, 2010

Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons: A Novel Riding Lessons: A Novel by Sara Gruen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
What I liked: The story was well-told. The main character was seriously flawed, the only thing she did well in the story was ride horses, this made me like her very much.

What I didn't like: There were too many storylines going on at once. The character was crazy obsessed about the horse and the guy, I thought a lot of her actions were out of line with what was going on with the rest of the story.

Final Thoughts: I wanted desperately to hate the main character, she was so selfish and egotistical, but I couldn't. She had a good heart, even if her intentions didn't always reflect that. The characters were interesting, with detailed histories.

Pub. Date: March 2004

Synopsis: A devastating accident that ends both the career of an Olympic-contender equestrienne and the life of her beloved horse sets off a chain of events that comes to a crisis point nearly twenty years later.

As a world-class equestrian and Olympic contender, Annemarie Zimmer lived for the thrill of flight atop a strong, graceful animal. Then, at eighteen, a tragic accident destroyed her riding career and Harry, the beautiful horse she cherished.

Now, twenty years later, Annemarie is coming home to her dying father's New Hampshire horse farm. Jobless and abandoned, she is bringing her troubled teenage daughter to this place of pain and memory, where ghosts of an unresolved youth still haunt the fields and stables—and where hope lives in the eyes of the handsome, gentle veterinarian Annemarie loved as a girl...and in the seductive allure of a trainer with a magic touch.

But everything will change yet again with one...

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Aths said...

I have to check this one out some time. After Water for Elephants, I've been curious about her other works.