Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to Marry a Duke

How To Marry A Duke How To Marry A Duke by Sandy Blair

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
This was a quick and mindless read. Exactly what I needed during a stressful week. The stories weren't well written - although that's usually my opinion about short stories because there isn't enough room for development, the author dumps all this information on the page and the reader is supposed to believe it.

Pub. Date: February 2005

Synopsis: To Woo a Duke by Debbie Raleigh Scandalous! A school has been founded to teach the daughters of rich merchants how to marry into the peerage, though Ms. Dobson, the headmistress, is no more than a scheming fake. Hopin to expose the fraud, journalist Shevon Quinn enrolls at once. She proves to be an excellent student, quickly learning the fine art of flirting, with unexpected results. The most dashing duke in London, Lord Damon Morrow, has declared himself madly in love with the divine Miss Quinn.

The Accidental Duchess by Sandy Blair Rachel O'Leary, a destitute governess, finds shelter in a shuttered London townhouse, knowing nothing of its owner or why it stands empty. But when Connor Kenroe, the eighth Duke of Killgory, returns from his long sojourn abroad and steals into his chamber at midnight, he is surprised beyond belief to find a lovely slip of a woman asleep in his bed - and he's instantly smitten.

A Touch of Magic by Regan Allen Deciding that love is a will o' the wisp that's not worth chasing, Stephen Anthony, Duke of Longford, plans to propose to an heiress for whom he cares nothing. But a mysterious guest at his celebratory house party has other ideas. Tes Dewood's elfin charm is like no other - and her enchanting beauty is a temptation too sweet to resist.

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