Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Left Bank

Left Bank Left Bank by Kate Muir

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I was torn between enjoying this book and being utterly bored with it. In the end, I think I enjoyed it more than I disliked it. Although I found the characters a little flat, this story read well and was easy to sink into.

Pub. Date: July 2006

Synopsis: With the sting of a good Camembert, Kate Muir's fiction debut is a sophisticated, fun, and delightfully ironic look at family life, Left Bank style. Olivier and Madison Malin are the toasts of Rive Gauche. A philosopher and media personality, Olivier is the darling of the Paris cafés with his perfectly tousled hair and mistress de jour on speed dial. An American film star turned Parisian "It" girl, Madison busies herself playing the part of the bon vivant. But when a crisis occurs with their daughter, these self-centered parents are forced to focus on something more than their own reflections. Left Bank is at once a delicious satire of Parisian pretension and a celebration of the city's alluring glamour.

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