Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remember The Magic

Remember The Magic (Berkley Sensation) Remember The Magic by Donna Fletcher

My review
rating: 1 of 5 stars
I started this book with high hopes, it's been on my shelf for years. I was disappointed in the storyline, I gave up in the first 30 pages. First, the two introductory characters tell the back story in conversation - which if they'd been together for hundreds of years, they both would be familiar with the story. The dialogue was stilted. I felt like the author was trying to tell us too much instead of letting us read between the lines or get into the characters' heads. Second, on page 30 the heroine (who is a witch in 1564) starts conjuring up a modern kitchen and bathroom in her cottage.

I'm all for fantasy if it's done well, but this book seems to be a half-formed thought that managed to get published. I think it could have been done better, perhaps if the author had begun the story at the beginning instead of the middle...

Pub. Date: January 2004

Synopsis: It's been five hundred years since Sydney Wyrrd fled the Scottish Highlands, fearing her presence would bring harm to her beloved. Only through divine intervention - and the help of her friends and fellow witches, Tempest and Michael - has she been able to return to 1564... and to Duncan, the brave chieftan who captured her heart all those years ago.

Ever since the day she disappeared, Duncan has been haunted by thoughts of the beautiful witch who stole his heart. But believing he'd never again set eyes on Sydney, he promised to take the daughter of a nearby clan chieftan as his wife - a union that will benefit both clans. A man of his word, he can't imagine breaking off his engagement - not even when Sydney returns. But for how long can he deny the passion she has reawakened - or resist the enduring love that still burns between them?

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