Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Divide (Audiobook)

The Divide The Divide by Nicholas Evans

My review
rating: 1 of 5 stars
I couldn't finish this. There was too much flashback and not enough dealing with the crime at hand. The story begins with finding Abbie's body, identifying her and contacting her family. There is an interesting struggle between Abbie's parents as they deal with the death of their child, their own blame in her death and as they each try to one-up each other. Then, suddenly the reader is thrown into a flashback of where, when, why and how their marriage fell apart. In mind-numbing detail. I had to give up. I couldn't stand to listen to it. Which was really too bad, there were some great secondary characters.

Pub. Date: September 2005

Synopsis: On a crystalline Montana morning, two backcountry skiers find the body of a young woman embedded in the ice of a remote mountain creek. All through the night police work with floodlights and chain saws to extract her. Identifying her, however, takes not time at all. Abbie Cooper is wanted for murder and acts of ecoterrorism and her picture is on law enforcement computers all across the country. But how did she die? And what was the trail of events that led this golden child of a loving family so tragically astray?

A devastating journey of discovery that extends from the streets of New York to the daunting grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, The Divide tells the story of a family fractured by betrayal and struggling in search of lost happiness. It explores the pain we inflect on those we love the most, and charts the passions and needs, the dashed hopes and disillusionments that connect and divide all men and women.

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